Above & Beyond Pet Cremation

Our Mission


Above & Beyond Pet Cremation has been operating in the Southern California High Desert since 1999. The A&B team is passionate about pets and understands the profound loss you are experiencing. That’s why we handle every pet with the care and compassion with which we would treat our own.

Above & Beyond Pet Cremation is unique because we offer partitioned cremation services, meaning your pet is cremated individually. Through our process, you can be assured that your pet is handled with dignity and the respect he or she deserves. While we specialize in partitioned individual cremation, we also provide a convenient support service for the communal cremation of deceased pets whose owners do not wish to keep the remains. Cremated remains are spread in our memorial garden located at our facility. We created our memorial garden dedicated to our loved ones who have passed. As the spirit continues on, the ashes become part of our surrounding environment...forever enriching our lives as memories and emotions.

We offer two types of cremation for your beloved pet - Partitioned Cremation and Communal Cremation.

Partitioned Cremation

If you choose to have your pet’s ashes returned, the utmost care is taken to ensure quality and accuracy throughout the entire process. At your veterinarian’s office, your pet is assigned a unique ID number that travels with your pet. When your pet arrives at our facility, we hand stamp that ID number onto a metal identifier. That identifier never leaves your pet.The standard cremation package includes a cedar box locked with an engraved name tag. Along with the cedar box, you receive your pet’s paw print, an angel pin, a Certificate of Cremation, and the Rainbow Bridge poem.If you would like something special or customized, we offer a variety of choices.

Communal Cremation

If you prefer not to have your pet’s ashes returned, communal cremation is the choice for you. In a communal cremation, we compassionately cremate a few animals together. The ashes are then spread in our memorial garden and on our property.  The memorial garden is located at the front of our facility and is open for visitation during business hours.

Because Special Friends Deserve Special Care